Annual Meeting Election Results

The Board of Directors of Shee Atiká, Incorporated held its 43rd Annual Meeting of Shareholders on Saturday, May 20th at 9:00AM. Directors elected to serve a three-year term ending in 2020 were Laurence Garrity, Joshua Horan, and Faleene Worrell.  At the annual Board meeting following the Annual Shareholders Meeting, the Board elected the following Officers: President/CEO and Chairman – Dr. Kenneth Cameron, Vice-Chairman – Dr. Pamela Steffes, Secretary – Joshua Horan, and Treasurer – Faleene Worrell.

Voting Results for Director Election:

Joshua Horan                64,847 votes

Faleene Worrell           100,694 votes

Shirley Yocum              33,344 votes

Laurence Garrity           97,314 votes

After being nominated on the floor of the shareholders meeting, independents Roxanne Drake-Burkhart and Lillian Young withdrew; therefore, they were not on the Independent ballot and were not recorded as receiving votes at the meeting.

Voting Results for Shareholder Resolution 2017-01 – To reduce the number of directors from nine to seven:

Yes                  62,611 votes

No                   39,866 votes

Abstain                 276 votes

Result:  Resolution Fails

Voting Results for Shareholder Resolution 2017-02 – To reduce the quorum requirements for shareholder meetings to one-third:

Yes                  52,479 votes

No                   49,965 votes

Abstain                 309 votes

Result:  Resolution Fails

The Board and staff would like to thank Shirley Yocum for her 30 years of service as a Shee Atiká Director.  Her valuable contributions in the board room will be dearly missed.

Thank you to all shareholders who took the time to vote.   Prizes and the proxy incentive fee related to the Shareholders Meeting will be mailed out later this week.