Board of Directors

Shee Atiká Incorporated Board of Directors

Shee Atiká Incorporated’s Bylaws provide that the Board of Directors shall consist of nine (9) members, three (3) of whom are normally elected in any one year. The three candidates receiving the highest total votes shall serve terms which expire after serving a three year term. Each Class A Common Stockholder may “cumulate” his or her votes in the election of Directors. The right to cumulate votes means that you, the shareholder may, at your discretion (i) vote all your votes in favor of one candidate or (ii) divide your votes in any manner among any candidates that are up for nomination in that current year.

Your total number of votes for the election of Directors is three (3) times the number of shares that you own. The number of shares that you own on the Record Date is printed on a shareholder’s proxy. For example, if a shareholder owns 100 shares of voting stock, 300 votes are available to apply in any manner in the election of Directors. All 300 votes could be voted for any one candidate, or, the votes could be divided among any number of candidates. Shareholders’ right to cumulate their votes in the election of Directors may be exercised either at the Annual Meeting or by proxy.
When an individual is elected as a Director of Shee Atiká, Incorporated such persons automatically become a Trustee of the Shee Atiká Fund Endowment and of the Shee Atiká Benefits Trust.

Please take a moment to learn a little more about the current Board of Directors.

Ken 2Kenneth Cameron

Kenneth M. Cameron, D.M.D., in 2010 retired as a Dentist after 33 years of practice. He served as President of Sheldon Jackson College from 1994-1997… (read more)




Pam 1Pamela Steffes

Dr. Pamela Steffes was elected to the Shee Atiká board in June 2007 and has served as Vice-Chairman since 2009. Pam also has served on the Compensation Committee of the board as well as on the Management Boards of Shee Atiká Languages, LLC (“SAL”) and Shee Atiká Technologies, LLC…(read more)



Josh 1Joshua Horan

Joshua Horan was appointed to the Shee Atiká Board of Directors on October 29, 2010, to succeed Marta Ryman upon her retirement.  He was subsequently elected… (read more)




Gillian 2Gillian Havrilla

Gillian is a Raven/Coho of the L’uknax.ádi clan.  She is the daughter of Wilma Bacon and the late Leo Bacon, granddaughter of the late Charlie and Annie Joseph, and the late Virgil Bacon and Clara Reisbeck.  Her Tlingit name is Kuxjeedaheich.  She is a former member of the Gaadja Heen and Noow Tlein Dancers… (read more)


Faleene 1Faleene Worrell

I am Faleene Worrell, my Tlingit name is Aanawdu.oo. Originally from Sitka, my moiety is Raven, my clan is L´uknax.ádi, and I am from Kayaash Ka Hit (the Platform, or Mother Coho House) on Katlian Street in Sitka…. (read more)



Lori 2Lori Stedman

Lori was born and raised in Sitka.  She is a fourth generation Gwitchin-Athabascan. Her parents are …(read more)




Heath 1Heath Barger

Heath Barger was born in Sitka, Alaska and is Tsimshian Wolf.  Heath was appointed to the Shee Atiká Board…(read more)




 IMG_4992 6Laurence “Larry” Garrity

Laurence “Larry” Garrity, Kichnaalx of the Deisheetaan clan, was elected as the newest board member in 2017…(read more)





James Craig

James Craig (Kaa Kaa) is the son of the late Arlene Gamble and Darin Craig…(read more)