Complete Your Testamentary (TD) for a Chance to Win an iPad!

Complete Your Testamentary Disposition during the Month of November for a Chance to Win One of Three iPads!

November is Native American Heritage Month and with that in mind, we would like to encourage all Shee Atiká Shareholders, 18 years of age and older, to complete and submit a valid Testamentary Disposition to the office.

A Testamentary Disposition is a special type of will for ANCSA stock.  This form can be downloaded by clicking here.  It must be filled out, signed in front of a Notary Public, and received by the Shee Atiká office in its original form by noon on November 30th.  Having a completed and up-to-date Testamentary Disposition (TD) on file is very important to ensure that your Shee Atiká shares are transferred to the beneficiaries of your choice upon your death.

Shareholders can be eligible to win one of three iPads (32GB, WiFi only) by participating in this event during the month of November (November 1st thru noon Alaska time on November 30th).  First you will want to call the office to see if you have a TD on file.  You will be eligible for the drawing in one of three ways:

  1. You call and verify that you have a valid TD on file at the office and the beneficiaries listed are correct.
  2. You call and determine that your TD is not up-to-date, so you complete and submit a new valid TD.
  3. You submit a new valid TD because you do not currently have one on file.

Winners will be contacted via phone and names will also be announced via the website on December 1st.

Please call the office today!

(907) 747-3534 in Sitka or Toll Free at (800) 478-3534

Notary Public:  Shee Atiká has a Notary Public available during regular business hours during the month of November with the exception of the week of Nov. 6th – November 10th.  You can typically find a Notary at your local bank and/or your local Tribal organization.