Shee Atiká Fund Endowment

Shee Atiká Fund Endowment (“SAFE”) is an irrevocable settlement trust, formed in 1992 by Shee Atiká, Incorporated (“SAI”), to establish a fund to maintain assets and pay distributions from trust income.  The beneficiaries of SAFE are the shareholders of SAI. Members of the Board of SAI act as the trustees.  Each beneficiary has one trust unit in SAFE for each share of SAI stock owned.  SAFE’s distributions, which are pro rata based on the number of trust units owned, are made once each year.  “Beginning with the calendar year 1994 and continuing thereafter during the term of this Trust, the Trustees shall distribute seventy-five percent (75%) of the estimated Net Cash Income to the Beneficiaries at such time or times during the years beginning January 1, 2000 or thereafter…”