Shee Atiká Inc Subsidiaries

The following are current property holdings for Shee Atiká , Incorporated. The holdings may change from time to time, either through acquisition or sale of property. These are in addition to property held in Katlian Bay and Cube Cove. Each holding has been set up as a subsidiary of Shee Atiká, Inc., in each case as a limited liability company (LLC).

Shee Atiká Holdings Alice Island, LLC

Our Alice Island property, located adjacent to Japonski Island near Sitka, Alaska, includes a commercial building (former school) as well as vacant and developed residential property. The residential property was developed in 2007 and includes 15 waterfront lots. As of March 2014, 11 lots have sold leaving 4 lots remaining.  You can view the advertised property at:

Shee Atiká Holdings Colorado Springs, LLC

Shee Atiká has held commercial real estate in Colorado Springs, CO since 2003 when construction was complete. The building has one tenant, Mitre Corporation. The land adjacent to the property is also owned by Shee Atiká, Inc. but has not been developed to date. This property has proven to be a great asset to the corporation.

Shee Atiká Management, LLC

Shee Atiká Management, LLC (SAM) is an 8(a) Certified Small Business and is currently seeking government contracts.  You can read more about SAM at

Shee Atiká Holdings Lincoln Street, LLC

Many of you who live in Sitka know the Shee Atiká Kutees Hit building that sits in the middle of downtown. Completed in 2004, this building houses the corporate headquarters as well as several other local businesses.

To inquire about available space at any of Shee Atiká’s commercial properties, please contact the corporate office via e-mail at

American Marine and Technical Services, LLC

Shee Atiká’s newest subsidiary is American Marine and Techncial Services, LLC (AMTS), which was formed on January 27, 2017 to rapidly respond to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other U.S. Federal Government Agencies by providing efficient, high quality technical, industrial, and marine-related services. AMTS is jointly owned by Shee Atiká and Rhoads Industries, Inc.  AMTS expects to have full SBA-approved ANC 8(a) status in summer 2017.