Shee Atiká Incorporated Staff

The are currently seven employees that make up the Shee Atiká Incorporated staff. They are Dr. Kenneth Cameron (President and CEO), Lauren Burkhart Estes (Director of Human Resources), Ptarmica McConnell (Chief Operating Officer), Kori Lindstrom (Executive Assistant to the COO), Kevin Mosher (Accountant), Haley LaDuke (Accounting Technician), and Kathy Thomas (Accounting Technician).

This small group of individuals is responsible for all day to day operations of Shee Atiká, Inc.

Whether it is examining the best investment activities for the corporation, corporate accounting, daily maintenance, or assisting individual shareholders, our staff is there to help.
Please take a minute to meet each individual and learn the key role in which he/she plays in the operation of your Corporation.



Ken 2Kenneth Cameron

Kenneth M. Cameron, D.M.D., in 2010 retired as a Dentist after 33 years of practice. He served as President of Sheldon Jackson College from 1994-1997… (read more)





Lauren 1Lauren Burkhart Estes

Lauren has held the position of Senior Accountant for Shee Atika, Inc., and now has resumed duties as Director of Human Resources, and will continue with payroll functions with the company. Lauren gained… (read more)





Haley 1

Haley LaDuke


Haley Michelle LaDuke (Burkhart) joined Shee Atiká in November 2015 as an Accounting Technician. Haley has gained most of her work experience…(read more)




Kori 1

Kori Lindstrom

Kori Lindstrom was born and raised in Sitka, Alaska and is Eagle/Killer whale.  Kori is the daughter of Carl George Lindstrom III and Kathleen Rose Rouse…(read more)





Ptarmica 3Ptarmica McConnell

Ptarmica McConnell was hired in May 2007 as an Accountant for Shee Atika, Inc., worked as Contoller, and now… (read more)





Kevin 1Kevin Mosher

Kevin Mosher was hired as an Accounting Technician for Shee Atiká in September of 2011. His primary duties as an Accounting Technician include… (read more)





 Katherine ThomasKathy 2


Katherine (Kathy) Thomas, Geesheix, is the newest member to join the Shee Atiká team; she was hired on as an Accounting Technician…(read more)