Social Media Clarification

We have had a number of inquiries regarding a shareholder Facebook page because of the outlandish misstatements that are being posted to the page.

Does Shee Atiká, Incorporated have an official Facebook page?

Shee Atiká does NOT have a Facebook page.  Shee Atiká does not make posts on Facebook.  Furthermore, your company historically does not address company issues in the public out of respect to all shareholders. The Facebook page that you are seeing appears to be created by the same group from last year with the same political agenda.

Is Shee Atiká going bankrupt?

The most frequently asked question by shareholders contacting us is:  Is Shee Atiká going bankrupt?  I’ve seen that posted on the Facebook page. 

We have had the pleasure of meeting with these shareholders to show them in black and white that Shee Atiká is NOT going bankrupt.

Most of the shareholders realize that the Facebook page contains numerous gross misstatements in order to inflame the shareholders to donate to an Independent campaign for the board similar to last year. We fully support the right for shareholders to run an independent campaign and we reserve the right to cordially disagree with their gross misstatements.

Additionally, a number of shareholders have spoken with us about the Independent’s misstatements in order to understand the truth. As you may know we have had an open door policy for many years and if you wish to know more about your company, contact us to set an appointment.