Taxability of 2017 Educational and Funeral Benefits and SAFE Distributions

Shee Atiká Fund Endowment (SAFE) Distributions

Some of the SAFE Distributions paid out to you in 2017 will be taxable.  This means that you will have to report this amount on your 2017 federal income tax return.  Whether or not you actually have to pay tax on this amount will depend on your own specific circumstances.  You WILL be receiving a Form 1099-DIV from Shee Atiká regarding the taxable portion of SAFE’s distributions.   These 1099-DIV forms will be mailed from Sitka by January 31, 2018.  If you do not receive your tax form timely, please feel free to call the office to request an emailed copy.

Shee Atiká Incorporated (SAI) Scholarship and Funeral Benefits

Those shareholders who received scholarship and/or funeral benefits from SAI in 2017 will likely NOT be receiving any IRS forms from us regarding Scholarship and Funeral Benefit payments and there is nothing to report on your 2017 federal income tax return.

We will update you via the Shee Atiká website as new information becomes available.

You should keep this letter, along with the Form 1099-DIV you receive with your tax records.

Please feel free to contact me or our Chief Operating Officer, Ptarmica McConnell with any questions (or have your tax preparer call).

A copy of this information can be downloaded here.