The Board Recommends the Board Slate: Joshua, Faleene, and Shirley



Josh 1I am proudly serving as a director of Shee Atiká and I am asking that you vote to return me to the Board of Directors. My Tlingit name is Yoowaak’ Eesh. I am a Raven from the T’akdeintaan (Sea Pigeon) clan, Snail House. My grandparents are Rocky and Betty Lou Gutierrez. My great great grandfather William Hollywood was Kiks’adi, and my great great grandmother Natalia Dalton was T’akdeintaan. Their daughter Louise Hollywood was my grandmother. The future of our corporation and all our shareholders matters to me a great deal and I find being a steward of our shareholders’ resources challenging and satisfying. As a recipient of Shee Atiká scholarships and as a member of the SABT Scholarship Committee, I have seen firsthand how empowering Shee Atiká’s resources are for our shareholders. This empowerment leads to an increase in quality of life that is thrilling to witness and enriches not only our shareholders but also the communities in which they live. As a member of the Shee Atiká Board I will work to ensure that those resources continue to remain available for our ever-expanding shareholder base.   Thank you.”


Faleene 1My Tlingit name is Aanawdu.oo. I am originally from Sitka, but now live with my husband, Bert, in Texas. My moiety is Raven, my clan is L´uknax.ádi/Coho, and I am from Kayaash Ka Hit, the Mother Coho or Platform House in Sitka. My mother is Shaaxaatk’í/Mary Irene Miller of Sitka. My father is Neil Fisher of Arizona. I am very grateful having worked as a Shee Atiká director since 2013. I bring over thirty years of government, non-profit, and native corporate business experience. Since 1993 I have gained keen familiarity with Shee Atiká, and I wish to continue my service to Shee Atiká shareholders. My husband and I share six grown children and eleven grandchildren. Gunalchéesh ho ho, Shee Atiká shareholders.”




Shirley 1My name is Shirley I. Yocum. I am Athabascan. I did not live at home long enough to receive an Athabascan name. My father James Bruce is Kutchin from Old Crow, Canada. His people are dependent on moose, caribou, bear, goat and sheep. My mother is Elsie N. Huntington. She is Koyukuk from Hughes. They are hunters, fishermen, and gatherers. I have two children, Mitch Widick and Jensen Yocum. Jensen has two children George and Elsie. His wife is Amanda Baggen. I have spent most of my life in Sitka. I went to Mt. Edgecumbe School of Practical Nursing program and spent 25 years as an LPN. My other experiences are in the areas of planning, TERO for Sitka Tribe of Alaska and as a Bar Manager for the American Legion. During the year 2013 I was adopted into the Coho tribe with the help of Loretta Ness. My Tlingit name is Shkik Tlaa. I look forward to learning the proper protocol at Tlingit functions. I look forward to the next three years. It will be fun working with Josh and Faleene, along with the other Directors. Thanks for your support in the past and I will work for you in the future.”